5 Ways To Prep Your Lawn For Summer

That’s right! We are already getting ready for our summer lawns. Getting started early with lawn maintenance is key to having a spa-like backyard, or a show stopping front yard! Let’s explore 5 ways in which you can get a jump start on your summer lawn!

1. Over the winter your grass has matted and even possibly developed snow mold. Giving your lawn a fresh rake, and taking off all the dead debris, can help your yard breathe, therefore encouraging better and faster new growth!

2. Should you be aerating your lawn? If you’re a homeowner maybe you have wondered this yourself. The main reason for aerating is to prevent compaction of soil which leads to slower growth, less nutrients, and less water absorption. Getting your lawn aerated during late spring can be the perfect pick-me-up that your yard needs!

3. Fertilization is another important factor in lawn care. Our lawns need nutrients that they can not produce on their own. By fertilizing your lawn, you’re giving it the nutrients it needs to support healthy growth.

4. After the harsh winter weather, spring is a great time to re-seed any damaged areas of your lawn. Doing this can freshen up the look of your grass and make it fuller.

5. Keeping your grass watered and mowed are two huge keys for a beautiful lawn. Keep these tips in mind this spring and you’ll have a lush yard that will be the envy of your neighbors!

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