Mudrooms: Why are they important?

Why mudrooms are important for a clutter free home

 Mudrooms are becoming more prevalent for home builders and buyers because of their amazing hidden storage capabilities. Here at Prodigy Homes, we offer floorplans with amazing mudrooms!

Why should you love mudrooms too?

Mudrooms decrease clutter, dirt, and grime. It’s where we can shed those muddy shoes before we walk onto our squeaky-clean home floors. Have a big family? If so, mudrooms are a great place to store after-school activity items such as sporting equipment, music instruments, backpacks, hats, umbrellas, and so much more. There are so many ways to personalize a mudroom, like adding a bench or a seat to sit down on so you can comfortably wrestle your shoes or boots off.  At Prodigy Homes benches and shelves are standard, but there are 2 different standard style options: Classic and Modern. Check them out below!



Look at these homes below that have upgraded their mudrooms!

What is the main goal of the mudroom?

 The main goal of having a mudroom is to quickly shed what we use daily to be able to quickly grab it again for the next use. From cubbies to closets, to shoe racks and coat hangers, there is plenty of storage for the whole family.

Where is a mud room usually located?

Mudrooms are usually built and located between the kitchen and the garage. While this is what is normally done, this does not mean this is where your mudroom must be!

Where can I find ideas of how a mudroom should look?

Check out our gallery to find some great mudrooms we have built for our wonderful home buyers!

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