Our warranty program: What is involved?

Take a look behind the scenes with us as we interview our Warranty Manager, Kim, about our warranty program.

Each of our homes comes with the country’s leading new home warranty program, 2-10 HBW.

A warranty ensures that your new home is protected with limited warranty coverage from frame to foundation and interior systems to exterior finish. The 2-10 Home Buyer’s Warranty only authorizes builders who have exceeded in a stringent screening process for construction standards and customer satisfaction, so you can build with us in complete confidence.

We asked Kim, our Warranty Manager, some in-depth questions about her position to get some “behind the scenes” details on what is involved in taking care of our homeowners and their warranty claims.

How does Kim start her work day? This is what she had to say, “First I start by reviewing my email. I then look at our Builder Trend report to address new warranty claims.” She works hard from the moment she clocks on to ensure happy homeowners! She says, “I am on the computer taking care of homeowner needs at least 75% of my time. The other 25% is me out on the job sites.”

Kim handles a minimum of at least 50 warranty claims at all times. Why are there so many warranty claims for a new home? Is this normal? Kim said, “Claims on a new home are completely normal. This is because your home is settling after new construction. This is nothing to worry about.” Kim then told us which type of settling warranties come up most, “Drywall cracks, Floor squeaks, concrete cracks, and sometimes landscaping.” Although not all of these issues happen to every home, Kim tells us that if homeowners do see these things, don’t panic! It is to be expected when a new home settles.

Our homeowners can count on Kim to take care of warranty claims. It takes strategy and planning with Brianna, our office manager, and Jasmine, the Prodigy Homes’ owner. Once they have carefully reviewed the claim, Kim goes into action. She said, “I get a hold of the appropriate subcontractor and start communicating with them right away to resolve the issue at hand.” She told us “I even double-check to make sure subcontractors are where they need to be when they should be just to make sure things are running smoothly.”

Did You Know?

On our website we have a Frequently Asked Questions especially for Warranty! Check it out here.

We asked Kim what our homeowners can expect for a timeline once a claim is sent in, and she assured us, “The maximum time anyone will ever wait is 48 hours, but typically I will respond the day of.”

What can homeowners do to make the warranty process faster, easier, and less stressful? “I would say definitely communication. Making sure that when they message me about a warranty claim, they are very detailed: giving me photos, descriptions, and locations of the issue. Even things as simple as making sure they give me the best form of contact to reach them and letting me know what their availability is. Another huge thing is being prompt in replying to me, this makes things much faster and makes everyone involved happier. I think too, realizing that subcontractors work 9-5,  just like everyone else, is important. It takes teamwork and patience. Lastly, do not panic! Because of the high number of warranty claims, an immediate response isn’t always possible. But it will be addressed in a timely manner.”

Kim lets us in on one last thing: what her favorite part of the Warranty Manager position is. “I love making people happy and easing their frustration.” Making people happy is exactly what she does and we love having her as our Warranty Manager!

Here at Prodigy, we work as a team with one goal in mind: to provide The Best Experience. We work hard and are dedicated to making our homeowners happy.
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