Styles and tones that work!

Over the years we have built homes of different styles- some beautifully stuccoed and others masterfully sided. Which color scheme will work best for your home? This week’s blog will take a look at some homes we have built and discuss how different colors compliment different styles- enjoy!

We love the modern fresh look of stucco and the classic warm feel of siding. What really makes a home pop, though, is how the style and colors work together!

Colors need to be pleasing to the eye. For major style points, choose colors that are subtle and sophisticated. In addition to contemporary elements such as the doors and lighting fixtures, this home’s modern style is enhanced by its high-contrast color scheme.

This home has a completely different look as the homeowners opted for some beautiful siding. The body of this home is Sherwin Williams Rare Gray (SW 6199) and the corbel and trim color is Extra White (SW 7006). These classic colors are cozy and inviting which perfectly complements the craftsman style!

This home utilizes a great combination of cultured stone and stucco. The body color is Benjamin Moore Overcoat (C-544). The earthy gray tone of this color works perfectly with the lighter trim color (Storm AF-700). These warmer colors balance the modern design elements for an overall timeless transitional style.

While there are no hard and fast rules on pairing colors with style, it is a matter that warrants careful consideration. Just as a home’s color can boost its curb appeal, the wrong color can diminish its beauty. Our hands-on selection process ensures each of our homeowners selects colors that will make them smile every time they pull up to their home!

No matter what style of home you choose, you can be confident that Prodigy Homes builds with high standards and great quality. Give us a call today at 509-737-6227 to get started on building your dream home!

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