Creating a Unified Living Room

At Prodigy Homes, we love building a beautiful new home and then seeing how homeowners make it their own! Creating a unified look in a house is vitally important to the overall aesthetic. Read on to see how you can turn a house into a unified home in just a few easy steps.

When walking into a room, especially a wide open space like a living room, which elements stand out most? Floors, walls, and décor. How can these elements contribute to a unified feel? Keep reading!


How do floors contribute to the unity of a living room? Choosing flooring that flows from one room into another creates a continuous feel, making the rooms come together subtly. Choose flooring that works well with your overall style, it is worth the extra planning!


While it can be okay to have different paint colors in different rooms, it’s important to remember that they should generally complement each other. This is especially true in an open area like a living room, where multiple colors may be visible. Using one paint color for an entire area (as was done in the examples below) can make the space feel larger and less choppy.

Décor and furniture

Choosing décor and furniture that share a design style with your finishes makes the living room inviting and easy on the eyes. Using colors in furniture and décor that complement the finishes in the room contributes to an intentional, unified aesthetic.

No matter what styles you choose, you can be confident that Prodigy Homes builds with high standards and great quality.

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