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Generally, if you’ve made the decision to build a home rather than simply purchase an existing one, you look forward to having input in the design process. You have a vision of how you want your home to look, whether that’s traditional, transitional, modern, or some other style. Starting from scratch gives you more control over that. At Prodigy Homes, we definitely understand that. But we also know how overwhelming it can be to make decisions on everything from your doorknobs to your kitchen sink, with so many millions of options out there. Studies show that people enjoy having some choices, but become overwhelmed with decision fatigue when presented with too many options. At Prodigy, we believe we have struck a perfect balance. We have taken the millions of options and narrowed them down. In our two collections, we have presented you with a few carefully curated options for each selection.

Our homeowners have appreciated this stress-free selection process that we’re constantly perfecting. If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ve already seen the astonishing variety achievable with Prodigy’s standard floorplans. Today, we’re going to look at how you could go about achieving a specific style using Prodigy’s standard Diamond collection.

There are so many selections that go into building a home, so we won’t cover all of them in this post. But we’ll look at a few that can really help you nail that transitional look. (For an explanation of what transitional style is exactly, check out this blog post.)

Transitional Front Door

Your front door makes an enormously important first impression. That’s why we provide a variety of terrific door options in our Diamond collection. Which ones work for transitional style? The choice is yours, but here are a few that we think would be great.

This is the Salinas fiberglass door. It’s a half-light door with a classic scroll design in the window. It’s a popular choice because it suits many different homes.

Maple park is similar in that it’s a half-lite fiberglass door, but it features a different window design that’s a little more geometric. It looks great in transitional spaces as well.

If the stained wood look is more your style, that can also look awesome. While a paneled, arched door is a little more traditional, pairing it with modern trim strikes that perfect balance of classic and contemporary that is the essence of transitional style.

And here’s what the above door style can look like in a transitional interior:

Transitional Millwork

Prodigy offers two trim styles: classic and modern. While you can certainly choose either one, we think that classic trim looks particularly awesome in a transitional space. Paired with sleek, modern furniture and lighting, more traditional trim is stunning.

Another important selection is the interior doors of your home. As of the writing of this post, we have five different interior door styles, which gives you a lot of options! You won’t go wrong with any of the door styles we offer, but here are some that look extra good in the transitional home.

The Carrara is a timeless, raised-panel door that looks beautiful under a large, Prodigy-style architrave. It helps blend the styles in this master bedroom, with the winning combination of a beautiful ceiling treatment and streamlined, low-profile furniture.

Another popular style for our homeowners is the Conmore. Five-panel doors have been around since the Victorian era, but are just as much at home in a sleek, modern setting. If you’ve made it this far in the post, you’ll read that as “absolutely ideal for a transitional space!”

We’re also offering a new door style that’s worth noting here: the Logan. It’s a flat-panel door with a crisp, clean look.

Transitional Cabinets

We have many different cabinet styles to choose from, which allows you to really get the look you want. Additionally, whether you choose to paint or stain your cabinets really changes up the feel of your kitchen. Here are a couple of options that we think work well in a transitional space.

First of all, you can’t really go wrong with shaker cabinets. Simple and timeless, you’ll see them a lot in transitional-style kitchens. A stained island contrasts nicely with the white perimeter cabinets and brings an element of texture into the space.

There are also several different cabinet crown styles. One option that looks very streamlined with shaker cabinets is the shaker crown.

Especially if you’ve gone with the classic trim option, rope molding is a refined touch that contrasts nicely in a more streamlined kitchen.

Ready to See the Rest of Your Options?

Those few selections we looked at are just some of the many you get to make when customizing your home. After all, much of the fun of building a home is the freedom of tailoring everything to your taste; mixing and matching from our selections to achieve a look that is thoroughly your own.

If you’re interested in browsing through all of our selections, we’d be happy to walk you through them and present your options to you. And don’t forget to browse through our floorplans. For most of our plans, we feature images of more than one home built from that plan,  often varying in style. (As an example, check out the variety of styles for our popular Viola plan.) This can help you envision what you want your own home to look like. Please never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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