Tips and Tricks: Spring Cleaning (Part II)

Spring Cleaning- Outside the Home

Hopefully last week you caught our first article in this special series where we got started with an inspection of the home. If you missed it, no worries! Find it here to get all caught up. Now that you have your to-do list made, however, its time to get to going. This week we have some awesome tricks for tackling a few of the outside chores you likely have to do.Allegro Bonus Exterior

Cleaning Gutters:

  • Dress for mess! This isn’t an easy clean job, so wear a long-sleeve shirt and gloves!

  • Save your lawn! Dumping gutter gunk onto your grass can kill it, so spare your lawn and dump the muck in a bucket.

  • Do a double-check! After cleaning out all the debris, use a hose to flush water in the gutters and downspouts to check for leaks or clogs.

Touch-up Exterior Paint:

  • Check the Paint! Just because you have leftover paint from when your house was painted doesn’t mean you’re ready to do touch-up work. That gorgeous Tri-Cities sunshine might give you a tan, but it’s likely faded the paint on your home. Take a sample chip and have the color matched then be sure to test it.

  • The Adagio- 6680Start Fresh! Be sure to scrape off bubbled or peeling paint and clean the surface before painting.



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