Choosing Shower Tile? Here’s A Simple, No-Fail Formula!

Let’s face it: making choices for your home can be overwhelming sometimes. We try to cut down on some of that decision fatigue by providing standard options (interested in seeing your options? Schedule a meeting with us; we’d be happy to walk you through!). But there are still decisions to be made, and one of the most daunting can be tile. Especially in the master bathroom. You’ll be spending a lot of time there, and, like many homeowners, you probably also want to make a big statement. Well, you can stop stressing! We have a simple three-step formula that has been used in innumerable homes to achieve any style you can think of. It never fails to look amazing. Today, we’re going to tell you about it, and then show you some of the stunning examples!

The Formula

  1. Choose one large tile for the surround. Sometimes, this will be the same as your bathroom floor and tub deck. Other times, you might choose something different.
  2. Choose one (often glass) accent tile. Usually, you’ll use this in your shampoo niche. Sometimes you will also see it as an accent strip or edging the shower bench.
  3. Choose a small tile for the floor. This may be a pebble tile, a small square or other shape, or perhaps a basketweave design.

It’s that simple! But does it really work? Will using a formula make your shower look like everyone else’s? Can it work with your unique style? Let’s check out some examples that prove how awesome this formula is!

But First: How Convinced Are We That This Works?

Convinced enough that we used it in our 2017 Parade House! Which, by the way, won the award for Best Master Suite. As you can see here, the design featured a marble surround, a full accent wall of geometric glass tiles, and a marble pebble tile on the floor. Absolutely gorgeous!

“Three Different Tiles? Won’t That Look Busy?”

Only if you make it busy! Here, large cream tiles, two vertical stacks of black accent tiles, and a hexagonal floor create a shower that is ultra-modern, ultra-sophisticated, and as simple as it gets.

“I’m Going for a Natural, Spa-Like Feel”

Then this one is for you! Try a wood-grain tile on the wall, a natural pebble tile floor, and something simple and neutral for the accent.

The key to achieving that restful, spa aesthetic is to keep everything very neutral and subdued. Here’s another one:

The previous two examples feature a lot of brownish tones. Here’s one with a little more grey.

“If I Had to Describe My Style in One Word: Marble”

This one’s for you.

“I’m Going for More of a Tuscan Feel”

It works for that, too. Just add some oil-rubbed bronze.

“Can I Get a Modern Twist on a Classic?”

Check out this one, with a timeless black-and-white color scheme and classic basketweave floor. The shower fixtures and sleek, vertical lines give the whole thing a contemporary flair.

“Give Me Moody Drama”

Even when you use the same formula, the colors you choose completely change the way a space feels.

“Give Me Light and Bright”

Similar tile, different colors, completely different look.

 “I don’t like pebble tile”

This formula doesn’t require that you choose a pebble tile for your floor. Small square tiles still add variation in scale and a sense of texture, so they work just as well.

You could also go with something interesting and geometric, like these hexagonal tiles.

“One Strip of Accent Tile Isn’t a Big Enough Statement for Me”

How about several strips in a cool, random pattern?

Or, for a subtler statement, an extra-wide accent strip.

It Works, But it’s Not the Only Thing That Works

Just because we’ve shared this formula with you, it doesn’t mean it’s the only way to choose your tile. Here is a great shower with just two different types of tile. Rather than using a third tile in the shampoo niche, the floor tile is used.

And here’s another shower that features four tiles. Instead of one large tile for the surround, this one features two: one light, one dark.

Ultimately, it’s your shower, and it’s important that you love it, however you decide to tile it. But, if you’re stuck, this simple, 3-part formula works wonders! Why not try it out? Tweet at us (we’re @ProdigyHomes) or comment on our Facebook and Instagram posts to tell us what you think!

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