Three Tempos! What’s the Difference?

At Prodigy, many of our floorplans come in several variations. This is because we incorporate some of the different needs our buyers have had into new plans. So, let’s say you love the Allegro, but you really wanted a bonus room. Or, maybe the Soprano is absolutely perfect for you, but you already purchased a daylight basement lot. In either case, there’s no need to make expensive plan modifications. We already have the perfect plans for those exact needs: The Allegro Bonus and the Soprano Basement! In those examples, you can tell at a glance what the difference is in those plans. The Allegro Bonus is clearly the same as the Allegro, with the addition of a bonus room. But what if it’s a little less obvious? There’s no need to pull out a magnifying glass and meticulously compare two similar-looking floorplans. We’ll happily explain the differences to you. For example, what’s the difference between a Tempo, a Tempo II, and a Tempo III?

What is a Tempo?

First of all, let’s go over the basics of the Tempo plan. This rambler has 3 bedrooms (plus an office/4th bedroom) and 2.5 bathrooms. At  2,488 Sq Ft, the original Tempo is a medium-sized plan that makes for an elegant yet cozy family home.

This is a generous, open plan with plenty of space, but without any of the “extra” rooms (such as a gym or a rec room).

In the original plan, the master suite has a corner-tub layout, providing separation between the vanities and creating a great focal point.

Where the Tempo II Differs

The Tempo II has the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but is 2,778 sq. ft. Where does that extra square footage come from? Some of the rooms are slightly larger, but the big difference comes from the addition of a gym/rec room.

This spacious room includes a closet, and could therefore be used as another bedroom. It would also make a nice media room or children’s playroom. Another addition to this plan is a large, unfinished storage space that opens from the backyard.

One of our favorite features is the master bathroom. Flooded with natural light and putting the tub at center stage, this is a beautiful, spa-like retreat.

A Recent Addition: The Tempo III

At  2,986 Sq Ft, the Tempo III is the largest of the three plans. The most obvious way that it differs from the Tempo II is that the rec room does not include a closet, and there is no unfinished storage place. This plan maximizes the space in the gym by omitting the hallway. The rec room also cuts a little more into the garage.

Hopefully this little breakdown has helped you to understand some of the differences between these three plans, and, if you’re considering one of these plans, which one would be the best fit for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have as you’re browsing through our plans. We want your experience to be as straightforward as possible, and we’re happy to assist you in any way we can!

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