Prepare Now For A Great Summer!

Here at Prodigy Homes we love summertime! Whether you prefer spending it outdoors barbecuing in the sun or inside a cool house with your favorite book and beverage, this blog will prepare you to make the most of your summer!

At Prodigy Homes we pride ourselves on using high-quality products and performing the highest quality build. Even though your home might have been meticulously built using some of the finest products, harsh weather and its elements still slowly wear on your home. Keep up your home and its quality by checking things like gutters, windows, and door jams for leaks or damage. Doing this each summer can prevent nasty winter surprises.

Let’s talk about your garden and landscaping! A garden can be the showstopper of your summer yard, but it has recently been through a traumatic time called “winter”. Show it some much-needed love and attention! A little cleanup goes a long way. We know when it comes to landscaping, design, and quality are vitally important. For that reason, we offer our homeowners beautiful plant and tree options that make each home unique and inviting. Putting in the effort to take care of your landscaping will make your yard stand out and give you a colorful summer!

How is your lawn furniture looking? After this harsh winter, it could probably use a good cleaning. This is simple to do! All you need are two rags- one dry and one wet. The dry rag is great for wiping down cushions and cloth. The wet rag is great for getting all that winter and spring grime off! At Prodigy Homes, we think a great outdoor seating area is key to making the most of your summer. Make your back deck or patio sitting outside enjoyable with a clean spot to rest and relax!

Here is one last tip: many of us have a wonderful crispy coating on the grill from barbecues past. Believe it or not, that layer does NOT actually add to the flavor of your meat. It is a build-up of dirt and old food and, needless to say, you don’t want it! Use either a brush or a non-scratch sponge to fight back on BBQ grime! Once you have finished up on the inside, go ahead and wash down the outside with warm water and a rag. Your BBQ will be as good as new and ready for a summer of backyard entertaining!

Try something new this summer! Mix up a new drink, hike an unfamiliar trail, or just relax as you’ve never relaxed before! Most importantly make the most of this summer and have fun!

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