Questions You Should Ask Before Deciding on a Home Builder

The more questions you ask your builder, the more confidence you will have in building your dream home! When you’re building a new home, you’ll get asked a lot of questions. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? Have you decided on a community? What kind of flooring do you want in your home? However, don’t forget that questions are a two-way street! Here are questions you should ask your builder, before you entrust him with building your home.

How many homes have you built?

An experienced builder will have already gone through all the trial and error involved in developing a truly streamlined process. This means a faster, smoother, less-stressful experience for you.

Prodigy Homes, Inc., has been your local homebuilder in Kennewick, Richland, West Richland, and Pasco since 2007. Additionally, the owner, Jason Wilkinson, has been building homes for the past 20 years! Find out more on the “Our Story” page.

What makes you unique as a builder?

Especially in an area with a lot of growth, like the Tri-Cities, homebuilders abound. Before deciding on a company, you should find out what sets that company apart. A good builder will be able to tell you exactly what makes his business stand above the rest.

Just one of the things that sets Prodigy apart is our unique homebuilding process, which utilizes an online program to keep subcontractors on schedule, and buyers in the loop about their home’s progress. Learn about that here.

Can you supply me with testimonials? Can I see one of your homes in person?

Few people would buy a car without doing research to see how it has performed for others, then taking it for a test drive. Buying a home should be no different. A reputable homebuilder will be able to supply you with testimonials, and allow you to make an appointment to see one of their homes.

luxury living room Homes by Prodigy

Visit our testimonials page, and check our social media accounts for upcoming open houses. Alternatively, “tour” one of our homes without leaving yours, in our Video Gallery.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Problems can arise in even the most well-built home. It’s not enough to simply ask if your builder offers a warranty. Not all warranties are the same; you’ll want to know exactly what will be covered.

Every single Prodigy home comes with the nation’s leading new-home warranty program. Click here to learn more.

What standard features do your homes include?

If the standard package provided by your builder is so bare-bones that nearly every feature you wanted your home to have ends up being an upgrade, that will get expensive very quickly. Ask your builder ahead of time what’s included, so that you know from the outset what will be provided and what you’ll want to upgrade or change.

You’d be astonished by the high-end features that Prodigy Homes offers standard! Head over to our “Collections” page to see the three “not-so-standard” packages that we offer.

What Else Should I Ask My Builder?

There are a lot of other questions you’ll want to ask your builder, such as: “How much can I customize a floorplan?” “What happens if I want to make a change?” “How often can I see my home while it’s being built?” Head over to our FAQs page to find our answers to those questions and many more.

The more you know about your builder, the more peace of mind you will have. The Prodigy Team invites you to learn about Us, Our Story, and Our Homebuilding Process. To see what others think of our homes, check out our Awards and Testimonials.

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