5 Maintenance Tasks To Check Off Your Summer To-Do List!

You know home maintenance tasks are important, but it’s so easy to keep putting them off. But it’s summer now, the days are longer, the nice weather is motivating, and it’s a great time to check some vital tasks off your list! Best of all, if you have kids, they’re out of school now. They can help you, and you can train them to take care of some of these tasks on their own next time. Here are 5 tasks you should do this summer!

1. Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors can be life-saving, but only if they work. Check them to make sure everything is in order, and replace any batteries if necessary. Just press the test button and hold it until you hear the alarm. If it is ear-piercingly loud, it’s working. If it doesn’t make a sound, or the sound is very weak, you should replace the batteries.

2. Keep the Air Coming

Summers in the Tri-Cities can be extremely hot! You definitely don’t want your air con to stop working on a hundred degree day! So, if it becomes necessary to have it serviced, you need to do so right away. If you have a HEPA filter and it’s time to change it, do so, along with any other filters in your house that need to be changed.

With the summer heat, you’ll probably be running your ceiling fans more. You don’t want to be raining dust down on yourself! Get up there and give those blades a good cleaning.

3. Keep That Lawn Looking Great!

To promote a healthy lawn that will withstand drought, don’t water it every day. Instead, give it a good, deep watering every couple of days. This will help it to grow deeper, stronger roots.

4. Get Those Windows Sparkling!

After all the rain and wind we had this spring, your windows were probably left dusty and spotty. It’s time to get out there and wash them! This will keep the exterior of your home looking beautiful.

5. Clean Out the Fridge

Before those summer barbecues, give your fridge a deep clean! Take everything out, throw away anything that has expired, and wipe everything down. As you put things back, make sure they’re organized in a way that will make it easy to see what you have and find what you need. Having an organized fridge saves money, because you won’t buy things you already had, but didn’t see in all the clutter.

While you’re in the kitchen and feeling productive, organize that pantry too!

Those are just 5, pretty easy maintenance tasks you can do this summer. For more home maintenance information, visit our homeowner’s corner. While you’re sprucing up your home for summer, you can check out a previous post we did on how to get your patio summer-ready. For tons of articles with great maintenance information, check out 2-10 Warranty’s blog. They did a recent post on lawn care mistakes you might be making! Always remember to be safe when doing maintenance, and when in doubt, check manufacturer instructions. We hope you have a wonderful summer!

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