9 Secrets of an Inspiring Home Office

For many people, having a home office is a necessity, whether they run their own business, work from home, or simply want a quiet place to pay bills or engage in a hobby. Technically, all you really is a place to sit, a surface for setting your computer on or doing paperwork, and probably internet access. However, most people want a little more than these bare essentials. Not only can your surroundings really impact your productivity, but it’s also important not to forget the “home” in “home office.” This room is part of your home, and it should feel just as warm and welcoming as any other room. To that end, here are 9 elements necessary to transform your office into an inspiring oasis of productivity.

1. A Good Work Surface

If everything you do is on your laptop, a computer desk with a slim profile will probably suffice. If your work requires spreading out more with lots of papers and books in addition to your computer, then a larger desk, or perhaps even a table or something custom, will suit your needs better. There are tons of desks out there, so you should have no trouble finding one that fits your style and suits your purposes.

2. A Comfortable Chair

While you can find chairs at any price point, this is definitely an element of your home office you should be prepared to invest a little more in, because you want a chair that is good-quality and ergonomic. This is especially important if you work from home and put in long hours at your desk. Your comfort and safety are worth it!

3. Storage!

We don’t need to convince you that you need storage; we’ve all got stuff, and we’re all constantly looking for places to put it, and more importantly, organize it so that we can find it again. If your home was built by Prodigy, then your office came with a spacious closet, complete with shelving that makes organization a breeze. But your office’s storage potential doesn’t need to end there; bookshelves and desk drawers offer still more storage opportunities.

4. Bookshelves

This is an old picture, from our very first Parade home in 2012, but the idea is still a great one. Not only do these shelves provide plenty of space for storage (note the neat little boxes), books, and objects that inspire, but they also frame the desk for a pleasing aesthetic.

5. Something Nice to Look At

No one wants to look up from their work to stare at a bare, grey wall. Hang up some artwork—something that fits your taste, whatever that may be—and your office will instantly become more inviting and inspiring. If you have a window and you aren’t easily distracted by what goes on outside, having your desk face the window is another great alternative. Either way, give yourself something pleasant to look at.

6. Keep Out the Glare

If your desk is oriented so that there is a window behind you, the glare on your computer screen can be frustrating. To combat this, make sure you have a shade, blinds, or curtains that allow you to control the light coming in.

7. Good Lighting

Especially if you do any work at night, you don’t want to strain your eyes with poor lighting. Make sure that your home office has adequate overhead lighting. You may also want to supplement this with lamps.

8. The Ability to Shut Out Distractions

If you share your home with other family members, chances are there will be times when it’s impossible to focus without being able to close the door. If this is the case, but you don’t like feeling closed off from the rest of the family, full-lite glass doors are a great solution, and make your office feel a lot more open.

9. Fun Desk Supplies

Treat yourself to some notebooks, pens, planners, and other office supplies that really suit your style and are fun to use. This will spark productivity and just make your work experience a little more enjoyable.

Let’s See Your Home Office!

Those are our nine tips for putting together a home office that fosters productivity and feels integrated with the rest of your home. If you liked this article, use our social media links to share it. Also, reach out to us: tell us about your home office, and send us pictures! For more inspiring pictures, check out our gallery.

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