Regret Free Ways to Incorporate 2018’s Hottest Trends – Part 2

Last month, we shared some of the biggest trends of 2018, and gave you our take on which ones are worth incorporating, and which ones are best ignored. This week, we’re back with 4 more trends!

Velvet Furniture

Trends say: Velvet is everywhere this year, both in fashion and in home decor. And why not? Soft, luxurious, and dramatic—and available in options to fit every style!

We say: If you love this trend, go for it! If you’re feeling very bold, go for that velvet couch you love. (Or two of them, like we did in the 2017 Parade of Homes!)

What better place to incorporate a little glamour and softness than in the bedroom? A velvet headboard could be a great way to embrace this trend in 2018!

If you love the velvet trend, but aren’t sure you’ll continue to love it for years after it stops being the shiny new decor choice, then you may not want to commit with such big ticket items. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit this one out completely. Velvet pillows are a beautiful, risk-free way to incorporate this trend and change up your look.

Mixed Metals

Trends say: It used to be (in fashion and decor) that you made a choice between gold and silver, and then you faithfully stuck to that choice. But those days are long gone! Mixed metals are more prevalent than ever before.

We say: This is great news for you! Let’s say you want to incorporate another 2018 trend: brass. Prodigy offers satin nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze as standard finish options and we strongly recommend sticking to one of these timeless options for your plumbing. However, if you really love that brass, you can take some inspiration from our 2017 parade home. Here, we went with chrome for all the bathroom fixtures. For the cabinet, however, we punched it up with a gold/brass color. The two metals combine beautifully, and coordinate with the silver and gold leaf in the wall treatment.

Natural Elements

Trends say: Everywhere from dishes and smaller design elements to large surfaces such as countertops, natural elements add an organic touch to your home that can be very calming. Whether it’s wood, rough stone, or plants, a touch of nature will keep your home from feeling cold and sterile.

We say: Trends aside, we think it’s always a good idea to include something natural in a room, for the reasons mentioned above. But how can you incorporate small touches in your home?

If you love marble but you’re not really going for that opulent feel, combining it with pebble tile and wood-grain tile keeps things down-to-earth.

Adding some stone to your fireplace surround is another great way to bring raw, natural texture into your home.

Bring in some natural fibers with a rug. Things like jute and sisal have been very popular for a while now. They are inexpensive and bring lots of texture into a space.

We love the way these cedar beams add rustic character to this charming exterior.

Finally, if you want to add small touches of nature to your home, decor elements are a great way to do it. The best thing about these is you can rotate them to change up your look.

Dark Wood Flooring

Trends say: In keeping with some of the moodier, more saturated color palettes we’re seeing this year, wood tones are going darker. Scandinavian-style lighter woods and neutrals are taking a backseat in 2018.

We say: When it comes to something as big as your flooring, you should really go with what speaks to you. If you love darker woods, then go with darker woods. But if you like something more medium or lighter in tone, don’t be afraid to go that route, either. Below are a couple examples of a variety of different wood tones.

We hope that these tips helped you to choose which of 2018’s design trends you wish to incorporate! One of the purposes of a builder is to help guide you through all of the at times overwhelming options that come with building a home. That’s why we have designed a streamlined process that makes your home-building experience stress-free and enjoyable. We would love to help you build a home that fits with your life and personal style. Reach out to us, and let’s get started!

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